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Originally Posted by mgorman View Post
I wondered why after years of smashing pumpkins on this forum, you'd buy another.

Already covered that.

The o-ring, sleeve and seal on the c -shaft probably only need cleaned.

Of all the things, this is the least concerning cause the fix is cheap. I'll try cleaning it before putting the new kit in, but I'd wager my paycheck that it's gonna take a new seal, washer, sprocket...something.

The chain is the same as any other bikes so you can't blame KTM for that.

I was being a little tongue in cheek, I don't blame KTM for the chain I blame Obama and Cher movies.

Your ttr didn't have enough power to pull a sick whore off a piss pot let alone damage a chain.

This chain failed prematurely, and the bike's power really doesn't factor in. The sprockets are still perfect, no sign of torque wear on them or the chain. Not the fault of the bike, again I blame higher powers.

Have the cam welded and reground. Do your homework, a thin replaceable sleeve can possibly be pressed or loctited on and a different seal used.

My 640 uses a 2 piece shaft.

EDIT: Just saw sleeving posts...
It's a question of cost on the cam. I did my homework on KTM talk and elsewhere, saw no cheap/easy fixes. Shaft is small, not much to work with for a sleeve. It's a poor design. Some things are done very very well on this bike, the WP ain't one of them.
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