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Well ... if you survive .. you've got a great book in the making!

When having your bike WELDED ... I would advise removing the main CDI unit (computer) or any other computers your BMW may have.
Remember Ewan & Charlie in Mongolia? Arc Welders grounded to your frame can FRY your CDI. Phhhffft! GONE! BIG MONEY. $$$

Take racks off if possible for welding ... or remove all black boxes.

Maybe you got a false reading on your oil since your bike was on its side so often? Oil may have flowed into air box or leaked out? Be sure to check on level ground after bike fully warm.

Glad you got to explore that area around Livingston. I lived off/on in Guat. for 2 years ... never saw it. I lived in Solola', at Lago Atitlan, very near
Gringotenango. (Panahachel)

If your chain is loosening and needing adjustment ... it's most likely finished. Guat City is good for parts and service ... but avoid the BMW dealer for all but specific parts. Lots of good indie shops around.

Glad you weren't hurt with all the get offs. You must lead a charmed life. Loving the beautiful Pics ... but still can't see all of them! Keep plugging away!
Keep it up! !que le via bien!
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