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Pissed Where are my cases

HolyCanoli is not the only customer who had difficulties with Istvan. Since he seemed to get resolution to his queries using this forum I would like to let people see the email that I sent Konvoi today. Here it goes

On October 22nd, I sent the following email to as well as posted the same email on a different ADV forum:

Daniela, Today, October 22nd, is 8 full months, a total of 240 days, since I placed and paid for my order on February 22nd. You got my money, all the money you asked for. October 22nd means 200 full days longer than the 40 days promised for completion when I paid for my order. I keep reading on internet forums how happy people who received their panniers are. Yet, except for one or two people, absolutely no one in the world had to wait even remotely close to what I have been waiting for my order. I am Isvan's customer that had to wait the longest so far, from all the information that I can gather. Please try to make something happen. How nice and patient do I need to be? Don't I deserve to be accommodated. It is obvious, after waiting so long , that I really want these suitcases. I am not a rich man. I am just a part time teacher. My bike is a old ( 1990) but I really like it. This purchase was important to me and I don't feel that you are treating me fairly. Please respond to this email with some positive news or I will have to begin some other course of action soon. Thanks for your attention in this matter. Waiting patiently in Canada,
Is there anyone out there who can help? Thanks

We are now more than 250 days. I got a response to my October 22nd email / posting that a new batch was being made and that I would get something done within 10 days. I waited 15 days and then sent the following email:

"Daniela ( his new point man ), it has now been 15 days since you last wrote to me that something would happen with my order within 10 days. Do you have any news for me? Please tell me that you were able to complete my order( ordered and paid on Feb 22nd ) ? Let me know what is happening".

Well guess what? My emails are now returning with a "delivery failure notification" message. I feel totally screwed now.
Could anybody from Romania reading this thread tell me how to lodge a formal legal complain against this guy. Is there a Better Business Bureau type of association in Romania that I could contact to let them know how I have treated. Could I lodge a complain with the local police? Any info would be welcomed. I want this guy, and the people around him to know how I feel about him and the way he treated me.
I want to believe that something positive could still happen, but it sure doesn't look that Istvan cares about anything that I have to say. Very disappointing.
It would be nice to get an email response. I would certainly like to know why my emails are now blocked. I have always been polite in all my queries. People need to know the truth about this guy.

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