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Originally Posted by Pinzon89 View Post
My hat's off to you Pezz as I don't think I would have the time/patience to revive that. Please create a thread for the rebuild as I'm sure it will motivate some that it could be worse.
I will have a thread, however I have to rebuild a motor for his R60/5 first. Trying to work out whether to install 800 barrels with Decomp or oversize 600cc pistons. After approximately 1 million k's there is practically no wear in the barrels and Pistons.

Old engine spun a big end bearing

The 60/5 is such a sweet engine, all the /5 are really, oh and the /6's, oh and the heavy flywheel bikes, allright then, I love all the airheads, but I do prefer the heavy flywheel engines
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