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I bought the F8 after seeing to many vids of Motoriley Riley seems to be the far better rider and I struggled with the heavy F8 out in the woods. It's OK for fire trails and a bit more but it is heavy. I have also a KTM 450 EXC which is a pure Enduro bike but nott street legal.
I recently bought a XR650 and its just what I wanted. Light compared to the F8 but still a fat pig compared to the 450.

However, its easy to ride has good low down grunt and keeps going where the F8 struggles. Its a pain on the road although the former owner replaced the original seat with a softer and 2,5 inches higher seat. As I have got real knobbies on it, it is not fun to ride on pavement and due to the low gearing (which you can of course change) I dont go over 110 k's.

Best is to have 2 bikes. The F8 is great on pavement, fire roads and for travelling. The BRP is best out in the woods, but I would not travel with it...

One of my buddies travels with the 650 but he is going slow, no more than 100 kp/h due to the gearing. He sees it different, for him its a great travel bike and he prefers it due to having no electronics and it is just simple to repair.

The worst with mine is that it is a kicker and I sometimes get out of breath after trying to get big red pig runnin'. But well if it does not start I hop on the F8
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