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Another good waterproof report on the Badlands gear from a real world ride . . . two hours of commuting in rain yesterday from a steady rain with gusting winds in the morning to a heavy downpour with gusting winds on the return trip. I rode a combination of back roads, highway and street riding. 60% of the time riding @ 90kmph on the highway. No leaks! Stayed bone dry.

I am both impressed and pleased with the water repellancy of this fabric as advertised. Previous separate-layer gear would be sopping wet on the outside and weigh twice as much as the Gortex Pro-Shell does when wet. Water beaded up on the suit everywhere except the bottom of the pants (as one would expect) through the entire ride. Even still, neither the pants nor jacket seemed to weigh more than they did dry and a quick shake shed most of the beaded water. The suit is brand new, so I don't expect the fabric to stay quite as water-repellant with time and wear, but I'll be sure to apply spray a quality DWR product on it regularly to keep it this way as much as possible. DWR on a separate-layer jacket didn't seem to make any difference, but with the bonded-layer Pro-Shell, I believe it will.

Some pockets did have moisture in them so be aware of that, (although my wallet was unprotected in my pant cargo pocket and stayed dry). I'd say carry some spare ziplocks in the back pouch or a pocket if keeping stuff that can't get wet in your pockets is important to you. It would be nice if the pockets were waterproof too, but I'll settle for me staying dry inside the gear with the option of good venting and just make due with other measures to keep non-water resistant items better protected in the pockets during inclement weather.

One note on the arm straps . . . I can see how they could pull the zipper apart because they are a bit on the short side and hard to keep loose with a full heated liner under the jacket. They need to be about an inch or two longer. I've adjusted them as loose as I can and they sometimes come apart because I have to fold them over the plastic loop where the hook velcro is and then it's barely touching the loop side of the velcro to stay in place. I think I'm going to make some "extensions" for them; just a short length of webbing with appropriate velcro on it so they can be quite loose when riding in the winter, but removeable for the summer.

Friday is looking like a monsoon day in the entire region . . . calling for 50+ mm of rain . . . might take the day off work to go for a real full-day test ride up-Island. Never thought I'd ever see the day that I'd be looking forward to rain!

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