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The motorcycle gods must be trying to tell me something. My bad luck continues. sanDRina's problems are back :(

This morning I left Kigoma and rode a nice 100 kms of new asphalt, cruising at around 55 mph, the bike was sounding good. I hit the junction town of Uvinza and got back on the dirt trail south. About 20 kms south of Uvinza, the bike died. A loss of power. It felt just like the first time she died before Kibondo. I let her cool a few minutes, then she fired up and I rode another 10 kms before she died again.

I figured since I didn't replace the original ignition coil, maybe it was heating up again and causing the loss of power. I stripped her down and put on the ignition coil that I got from South Africa. I also replaced the outer spark plug, it looked very white, burning lean (I can't remove the inner plug, feels stuck) and adjusted my air speed screw on the carb to 2.5 turns out, it was at 1.5 turns out. She fired up and sounded good but died again in 4 kms.

Not good. Rain clouds were forming overhead and I didnt want to be stuck with a sick bike on muddy roads. I decided to turn around and head for Uvinza, now 34 kms away. I remembered the advice of unplugging the stator from a mechanic friend in Nairobi and did that and she fired right up. I thought maybe something was wrong with the 250W stator. But she died again in a few kms. Then I decided to unplug the rectifier and now she sounded much better. We rode 14 kms before she died. I let her cool for 20 mins and then managed to ride into town and find a small hotel.

I feel so disheartened. I don't know what else to do and am not feeling confident in the bike anymore. I'm surrounded by dirt roads in all directions, except back to Kigoma, and the rainy season is getting stated. If I do something and she fires up and rides well again for a few kms of a test ride, I can't be sure she'll last till the next town, 200 kms south.

I've decided to throw in the towel and put her on a truck and head back to Nairobi. This sucks!! and heading back to Kenya is going to make visas complicated again. Argghhh!
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