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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
IIRC, You being an aircraft mechanic - your comment has been permanently burned into a couple of the (few) remaining neurons I have left!
Oh, in that case I'm counting on you as backup! My liver is evil and I routinely administer the heavy handed punishment. My brain is just an innocent casualty of that war.

Yes, I pretended to be an aircraft mech for 20 yrs but it sucked the joy out of flying. Then I pretended to be a BMW Motorrad Master Tech for a few years till it started to suck the joy out of riding. I still have flashbacks from both experiences. Doing what you love and the money will follow doesn't apply to me.

Enough about me.....

Of course the Dealer will suggest a new expensive rotor on the basis of "Safety" and quote the official spec you violated. If you don't "buy" into that, he may post an "I told you" on your work order to cover his ass. If you're on good terms and he likes you, the Dealer will advise you and tell you not to worry about it. The spec is for DOT reasons and must be met for a Certification or whatever you Mercans call it. Otherwise, real life has a different spec.

I've seen my share of cheap ass owners. Like the guy with the K1200LT (light truck) that pulled in on a rainy day for a new rear tire. There was almost a foot long strip of cord showing! He thought it was funny. Passed on a new front cause it still had a few miles left on it....... There are extremes to both sides of that coin.

Your disc is fine. Ride safe!
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