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Warranty Item!

Right. Now I see. I have a 12GS and an 8GS smashed light in the garage. It's easy to get the trim piece off and the broken glass out to get the reflector out. BUT, would be real hard to get the good glass out in one piece. Might be worth a shot if you can get a broken one. I'm cheap enough to try! I'd dremmel out the outside part of the U channel the glass sits in to make an L and gently pry the glass or? The plan is to use the broken glass but good reflector assembly for rebuild with your good glass, not to replace your reflector in the existing housing so cut away till the good glass is free then silicone it back into the other one. BTW, never seen this happen except in a replacement higher watt bulb stuation. Then again, the reflector is prob made in China by the cheapest bidder....


At nearly $100/hr (or whatever) the Dealer is not interested in troubleshooting. It's cheaper just to swap parts till it's fixed. Having been there as a tech, there just isn't enough time to go Sherlock on things. Time is money. So is selling you new parts. If it's not under warranty then you best learn to fix it or go without. Since yours is, get it looked at. Claim all your warranty items while you can.
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