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Japan Cheap

Do Japan on the cheap
Take a tent, you can camp anywhere and I mean anywhere, carparks, parks, beaches, all for free. We stayed 6 weeks there and only payed for 5 nights. You find public clean toilets all over Japan, they are free and sometimes have even showers (they might cost a little). At some places you can find riders houses, that are cheaper hostels, they cost about 10 Euros a night.
No fresh fruit, an apple can cost 4euros, only bananas are affordable. Look out for cheap supermarkets (they sell out of the box like "Aldi" and go shopping in the evening or in the morning when stuff is discounted, look out for the food on sale or reduced marked stuff. Take your camping stove, glass noodles are cheap.
People are very nice and help you. We got given fresh food and a couple of times an overnight stay at their private homes with great Japanese food.
We payed for shipping from Yokohama to Bangkok 1500 Euro. We used the company Shipmates but they were not very experienced.

Good luck and come back to us, if you have more questions.

Chris and Ina

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I sort of have this dream of going to Japan, and riding from the southern most point to the northern most point. The tough part is, I'd rather not rent a bike, so what would be the cheapest way to get 2 people and 2 bikes to Japan? My budget for transport is probably, say, 2,000-3,000.

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