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Originally Posted by traveltoad View Post
Does anyone know if there is anything we can do to help with what's left?
Yeah, report suspicious people with masonry tools in the middle of nowhere. Maybe this thread should be moved to another place where it will get wider attention, or a new thread addressing thievery/vandalism of natural monuments.

It will likely happen again, but maybe not in this area. If some rich criminal from another country is collecting (seems more likely than a domestic collector), he/she will probably be ordering up more goods. Will it be Utah, New Mexico, Colorado? Our country is in transition to another type of government, and we are being harvested during this weak time.

People who ride in areas with pieces small enough to ship should know to keep an eye out. Don't wait until the government asks for our help, because budget shortages will have them hobbled for a few more years at least.

It reminds me of the smash & grabs happening right now in ancient Greece.
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