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Originally Posted by 2on2off View Post
I'd like to hear more about the trail you took north of Eureka Dunes into Dyer and the route you took to Walker Lake. Did you ride north from Eureka Dunes on Eureka Valley Road?

Has a grader been through there or did you just follow the wash to the saddle? I saw some of the flags you mentioned but there were not enough of them for me to follow


It's just N Eureka Valley Road, the one that goes north from DV-BP Road, has had the closed sign for years.

No grader work has been done going to Steele Pass. I was probably going slower on the 1150 than you on the 500 and following the flagging was easier than if I'd been moving faster.

I was on pavement after Dyer, thought about Lucky Boy Pass when I went through Hawthorne, but I could see snow up there.
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