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Originally Posted by Tuna Helper View Post
I don't loan bikes out unless it's a good friend who I know can ride.
...and can afford to buy the bike from me in cash.

In my group of riding friends, anyone can throw a leg over a buddies bike. We all own, or have owned bikes, so we are careful not to kick a turn signal or scuff the seat with a shoe. Riding them is another matter. Each of us knows the approximate cash value of the other's bikes, and consider riding it possibly buying it.

One of my friends actually bought another friend's Yamaha Seca II after laying it down in the twisties. He fixed it up and kept it, and the other guy used the money to upgrade to a CBR600, so all was OK. The precedence was set, however, and we all knew it.

Oddly enough, the owner of the CBR died a few years later, so he now has that bike too. We always sit around talking about how we'll take turns riding the dead friend's bike, but the caretaker is the only one who ever rides it. It is pretty much priceless at this point...

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