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Nov 12 Reluctantly leaving Zipolite

I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself – down to $120p. So, first stop out of town is the bank machine in Puerto Angel . . . not operating . . . Bancomer again.

Carried on to Pachutla. Waiting at a stoplight and some guy on a loaded KLR pulls up beside me and says "hi." He's heading to the bank machine also (and knows where it is) so I follow him. Turns out Chris is from Alaska – works for a tour company so has the winters off. Was also just in Zipolite with his girlfriend.

We are both going the same direction so decide to ride together. Great roads today – first Hwy 200 was real twisty for a long time. Then got real straight and real real windy - lots of windmills. Gusty then steady. Finally started climbing up in the mountains and had a great twisty road again.

In one city we had to ride through, come up to a big roundabout with traffic backed up. Lots of traffic turning around so thought it was an accident. Worked our way up and found some sort of protest or strike going on in the roundabout. Lots of yellow shirts and flags – road blocked by taxi’s all over the place. Just kept easing our way up and finally one of the striker/protestors shrugs and steps back to let us through the melee – off we go.

I had my eye on stopping in the little town of Juiqipilas as I didn’t think there was any sense in hurting body parts getting to San Cristobal – Chris decided to carry on. Plus I wanted to check out Cañon de Sumidero outside of Tuxtla Gutierrez.

Had found Hotel Las Rosas on the internet and so identified it from the maps I had found. Right down town – cool. Got to where it was supposed to be and all I could find was a pharmacy – asked the ladies in the Pharmacy and they directed me up about 10 blocks . . . then ask someone there. Did that and was sent another 2 km down a road. Got to the end where it joined back to the highway. Asked a bunch of people in a taco stand – they all want to help and as usual, will give you an answer even if they have no clue. I heard everything from go 12 km back to the last town, go 8 km the other way to the next town . . . finally one guy steps up and says go back a couple of blocks. Sure enough – drove right by it – about 2 blocks off the main road.

Great place - $350p

Go looking for a store to buy some beer. Little tienda next to the hotel – guy looks at me and says ‘how can I help you?” Huh? Don't expect to hear much English in these little towns. Mike – brother to the lady who owns the hotel.

Anyhow, Mike is real chatty. Doesn't sell beer but takes me to some other stores to find me a beer – and finally find one lady that kind of sells quart bottles of Corona out of her back door.

Went out later to find some food. Apparently the hotel’s restaurant isn’t open Mondays. Walking past Mike’s and he asks what I’m up to – tell him I’m going to get some tacos or something. He rousts one of his kids and has him take me to a friend’s place who made excellent tacos.

Wander back and Mike gets me a chair so I can sit and chat with him and all his amigos who wander by. Real character. In the US for thirty some odd years – worked at all sorts of jobs. Now has a new wife and 3 beautiful kids. Owns his little store and a few acres that he grows corn on. Grinds the corn and sells it for chicken feed.

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