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Craneguy, I guess we should seek professional help since we obviously have a death wish. But unlike you, I don't have the luxury to give up trying to convince gringos to come since I run a hotel and a motorcycle tour company. So I answer people's questions, publish up-to-date info on our website and rely on review sites and word of mouth. It seems that the gullible, believe anything on the TeeVee types are not the people I want to come and visit. Open minded people, those skeptical of the mass media/mass hysteria are the folks we want here. They are willing to learn about other cultures and are respectful of the locals. So I work on the fence sitters, those who have the feeling that it can't be as bad as the press makes it out to be or there would be 10s of thousands of Mexican at the border screaming for asylum every day.

I tell people that the schools are open, moms walk the little ones to kindergarten each morning, the water system works, the trash gets picked up and the streets swept day in and day out. Parades and fiestas, weddings and quinceañeras happen. And every three years, there is an election and the people line up to vote. These things don't happen in a failed state. These things don't happen in a place of unrelenting violence and death. These things happen in a normal place where normal people live their lives in safety, enjoying their families and their community. That's why I'm here.

And Snownut. Thanks for the Canadian government warning. Any thing on Phoenix?
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