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Originally Posted by Brtp4 View Post
It is difficult to see how it will work, as there are no detail photos of the product. I have seen drawings though. Basically, it is a Schoeller Kevlar mesh jacket with armor, pockets, etc. There is also a 2nd lightweight, waterproof stretch Gore-Tex jacket that goes over the mesh jacket. It is supposed to integrate with it in some ways, so that it fits over it more precisely.

This will not be as high-functioning as a non-mesh setup in cold / rain, but that construction will not work as well in sweltering heat either. For many places in the western US, rain is a seasonal thing, and the Adventure Air will be excellent.

I will get some more info today.

Please let us know when you get more word on this. Or at least let ME know, to hell with everyone else. :P

I live in the north east and can deal with the cold (jesus people, just layer up properly and block the wind. Have you never been in the boyscouts?) but I can not take the heat. i am a scrawny dude and I get cold fast but I am supremely uncomfortable in the blistering heat. I am more likely to stop my seasonal riding from high temps than low.

This seems like it might fit the bill pretty well if the goretex interface isnt super difficult to attach parked under a bridge or something. One reason I love my axo jacket is the removable sleeves and neck brace interface but if I had a full and tough mesh jacket... I could maybe just forego any concerns about removable sleeves in the first place.
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