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Originally Posted by nononsense4857 View Post
The reason i fit the side bags as low as possible was to ensure a low center of gravity. I could have designed it much more tighter which i will ensure this time.

Any reason to mount the luggage high JD?

i like the idea of not carrying too much weight up high on a moto, but since we both carry that big roll top duffle without incident, there are some other factors to consider. the higher mounting position keeps the bags away from your feet and lower legs, and keeps them farther away from water, mud, rocks, road debris, and any other hazards that lurk down there. believe me, they're present, i've managed to find most of them.

then there the aesthetics. poorly selected, mounted, and positioned luggage has ruined the appearance of many an otherwise good looking moto. too large or too low mounted luggage makes the moto look ass end heavy, too wide, and the moto looks big hipped and ungainly. any combination of those issues, man, then you've got problems.

i like this photo by my friend, Doug Graham, the motophoto dude. it's not that you're going to be on a road like this, although you might, but you will encounter water like this sooner or later, even if sticking to pavement. with your old mounts, your Wolfman bags would be almost underwater...not mine.

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