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Originally Posted by Mike the Yank View Post
Subscribed, You just missed Mildura on your Aussie trip!
I hear its a beautiful part of the state. I guess you cant expect to see everything. huh

Ok i know Halloween was a coupla weeks ago, and ive been preety slack in updating, I think because i havent done that much riding since i left Erendira..

I went back up to Ensenada to try and get my tourist visa and papers for the bike..
After 2 other trips to the immigration i was only able to get my Mexican tourist stamp in Ensenada, they said i would have to go back to TJ to get my bike stuff done

I thought id try and do some couchsurfing for the long weekend from dia del los muertos, So i planned to stay for 3 nights and head up to TJ to get my papers, then continue south...
I sent out some requests and was accepted by a Mexican girl Sony.
Ive been here for over 2weeks, shes been a star.
I'll post some pics of what ive been up to but first i have to ask some questions about the bike because ive been having some problems starting..

So it has been getting harder and harder to start, well when its cold it normally starts after a kick or two, but after i warm it up and turn it off, it doesnt want to start again.
Since I've tried changing the spark plug, cleaning the air filter, cleaning the carbs out with carb cleaner, adjusted the air fuel mix, reset the valve clearances, and changed the oil.

When i can get it to start, it will blow lots of whitish smoke for a few minutes .
There is no leak i can see, i guess it must be the piston rings?
Will that affect a warm start?

It did start smoking a bit before i left LA, but its definately got worse.
When i did the oil change it was very very dirty and ive probably done around 1000 miles.
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