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Oh no! Valves too tight?

I hate to start another thread on this but I can't find a reference to it with a search.

I have a 2006 GSA 1200. It has 7900 miles on it. The PO had the 6000 mile service done in 2007 at his local BMW dealer. I bought the bike in July but have only recently been able to ride it due to health problems.

I have some spare time and am about to sync the throttle bodies (just to make sure they are right as it has been idling rough lately) and consequently have been reading that it is necessary to adjust the valves first.

Today I went to adjust them and found all of them to be so tight I couldnít get the feeler gauge under them except the left side exhaust valves which were correct.

I was using the .015 gauge under the intakes and the .030 gauge under the exhaust valves. I followed Jimís DVD step by step as I had it on my laptop as I was doing the procedure. I had the arrow showing for the right side and the wedge showing for the left.

Before I start the bike again, I just wanted to throw this out here to see if this was a common occurrence, if I should be concerned about it, or did the previous tech just crank them down too tight? In theory they only have about 1500 miles on them since they were adjusted. (If they were adjusted at all). Hopefully no damage was done.

Would this have caused the rough idle?

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