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im confused with a couple things here? I installed everything but a few wires.

Blue is for gas, cap and hide. no problem there.

Here is where im confused.

the brown from the acewell goes to power for the clock. Well, my brown wire isn't connected and the clock is on and set

so I coonected the brown to power (red) anyway and it still seems ok. what gives, is there any reason to have the brown wire from the acewell hooked up as my clock seems to be working anyway. Should I just cap and hide the brown or do I need to keep it connected for some reason I am not familiar with?

Also with the turn signals do I connect them directly to the acewell or do I go to the fuse board thing

I see that some people use the wires directly from the turn signal to the acewell. do they still blink properly etc? I thought they had to be connected to the relay?

im confused and a noob at this.

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