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The summary is this bike had been running worse and worse for some time along with the mpg dropping. Recently got TuneECU and the cable from CJ Designs to balance the TB’s and set TPS. That done it wouldn’t idle. Looked for a tuner in my area and nobody knows jack shit about KTM’s. Posted here in the OC and someone turned me on to Nels Byersdorf at 2 wheel dyno works in Washington.

After emails and a phone conversation to discuss my setup he had me send him my OEM map which he tweaked and sent back. Bike ran great, lost the off idle snatch and the hesitation at 4,500 rpm roll ons but it still wouldn’t idle. Removed the throttle bodies and found that mess pictured in the first post. In the process of cleaning all that up (especially the plugged MAP sensor ports) and traveling for my job, ordered and installed the CPR air filter to get rid of that OEM behemoth and make access to the TB’s much easier. Put it all back together, balanced the TB’s, set the TPS and have been very happy with the results.

I still think it may be lean on top with the addition of the CPR filter and will discuss with Nels, but short of monitoring the AFR to really nail it this the bike runs better than the day I bought it. I see an AFR monitor in my future. I’ve been looking, any suggestions?

In the end, if there is one, a good fuel map and getting rid of the ethanol induced contamination has made all the difference.
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