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Why Does It Have To Always Be A Harley......

So, I'm in outside sales and I walk in to see one of my new customers. In an effort to start up a conversation, I told him I just picked an old motorcycle. Heres how the conversation went.......

Me - "So, I just picked up an old motorcycle I've been messing with......"

Him - "Cool. What did you get? Shovelhead? Knucklehead?"

Me - " Nah, Nah, its an old Honda. Ft500 Ascot. 1982. Thumper."

Him - "Only bike worth owning is a Harley......"

HERE WE GO......

Me - "Oh, you ride? Whatcha got?"

Him - "I dont own a bike."

Me - "You dont?"

Him - "Nope, but I do know enough to know that the only bike worth owning is a Harley."

WTF??? Okay, we're done here.......
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