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Originally Posted by csustewy View Post
Hey Dale - it's always fun to hear from a Colorodoan, especially one with an affinity towards such an amazing bike! Has the snow started falling already this year, or are you able to get some rides in yet?

Cigar Mike spoke highly of the time you both spent working through the prototype center stands, and honestly, without that, the stand we have would likely not have been as great as it is. I owe you for that! (and I know that Cigar Mike is looking to fine tune the design some, but you two really did get it to a great point.) He made some minor modifications to the retractable press down leg and the only modification after that was to grind out some of the top plate that was contacting the HyperPro progressive spring when the rear wheel was unweighted. An easy fix (shown HERE).

The center stand has been holding up exceptionally well! It's bounced off more than it's share of rocks and speed bumps (especially speed bumps...), and supported our fully loaded bike on many occasions, yet it's still doing exactly what it's supposed to. I couldn't be happier (or luckier that I was able to drop by to work with Cigar Mike).

Our TA is still fairly young with just about 50k miles on the clock. Well...the odo actually shows around 39000, with the remaining 11k tracked by GPS. Someday we'll have a working speedometer/odometer again. And I am still extremely pleased with her, as well. There aren't too many ADV style bikes out there where the 2 most common failures are the CDI boxes and the speedo unit. What a great all around tourer!
Thanks for taking the time to reply back.

There's been some snow, but we are still way behind both in the Front range and up in the mountains. Local riding is OK, but the planned ride out to Utah last month for a river trip got changed to using my Jeep when it was clear it was going to snow on the way over.

I haven't touched base with Mike in way to long. Gonna have to give him a call and see how he's doing. We put in way more hours on the stand than anticipated trying to figure out all the gotchas. Didn't occur to us until late in the game that my Wilbers shock would line up differently than the OEM one, or the other after market ones like you have. So glad it is working out for you.

My TA is missing some miles on the odo as well from two different breaks on long trips. I didn't have the standard plastic/nylon gear break inside the wheel housing, but instead I ended up breaking off the little tab in the wheel sensor housing that actually turns the cable. After the second one I realized it was because when I was re-installing the front wheel I was pushing the right fork leg in a bit before clamping it down and that apparently changed the angle of the cable to the tab inside the housing and it would fatigue and break. Unfortunately the only way to fix it is to by a whole new housing, but now that I understand the problem, it hasn't happened again. Can't remember what caused your failure and too lazy to go back and look. I've had to replace both CDIs over time. Need to pick up some more spares .

Thanks again for letting us follow along on your trip and if/when you ever get your TA back to Colorado we'll have to get them together for a play date.

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