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Just call the ranger station in Cannell and they'll tell you if the pass is open. I suspect it's open unless it's snowed in and impassable. Lots of cabins up there.

You can also call the KM store, they'll know if it's open on either end.

With this weekend's weather warming if it's open would be an easy ride over. Might be chilly on top overnight.

If it's closed they'll post a sign at each hiway, Kern and 395 at either end. The gates are above Kern hiway and at Blackrock Ranger station, east of Sherman Pass summit. Cannell will connect you to Blackrock if anyone is manning the phones up there. This summer they were not.

The winter of 2010 the girl at the KM store said there were more than 600 trees down and her husband had been helping cut them up and clear them off roads and trails.
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