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Originally Posted by Gezerbike View Post
Did you use 2 of each gauge to set the valves ? Not necessary, but you will get your best adjustment that way. As for the rough idle, they might have played a part, but probably a small part. How old was/is the gas in the bike ? Seeing as how the bike has been sitting since summer, if it has ethanol in it, it could have water in the fuel. Might want to either drain it, or top it off with new 93 octane fuel. I don't think I would mess with the throttle bodies until you are sure you have good fuel in it. And as for the valves being tight, well, they usually tighten up as your miles go up. Not the end of the world.

As soon as I got the bike home from the PO, I removed the tank and flushed the gas. I have always used higher octane non-ethanol gas in my bikes.

I had some time to kill today and figured I do a valve adjustment just for fun and to get a better understanding of the bike. I really didn't think they would even need adjusting considering the mileage.

But yes, I did use the two-guage method...and I had the angle correct.

I'm sure they are adjusted correctly now, I was just concerned with how tight they were when I started. I figured they be loose if anything.

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