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Originally Posted by Rockwell View Post
OK...I was clicking around in the drop-down menus to see what was there, and I saw a "map info" option.

This is what came up for comments on my map:
KTM 990 Adventure 06 model year with Akrapovic Titanium slip-on exhaust

I guess I should change it back to the standard map for stock exhaust?
Try the latest map for the 07-08 Adv with stock exhaust. Runs well.

Set the throttle cable. Sync the throttle bodies. Mark the throttle tube with known opening values, 0%, 8%, 10, 15, etc. Ride it for a while and note how it runs.

Then try some tweaks on the ign map to smooth out the throttle - Cut off the peaks at 3500 rpm (retard timing).

Then if you have any surges try increasing the fueling at that RPM/Throttle.

Rinse - repeat - enjoy.

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