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Originally Posted by K7MDL View Post
No matter what they tell you around here, the 2007 carb'd 610 was the best year. Great score! :-) I might be a bit biased also.

I am 185# and have a 5 gallon tank - my shock and forks were tuned and I had to install lighter springs to achieve nirvana. I really do love the tuned suspension on this bike. Just soaks up the rocks and roots. I tend to glide over them versus drive around them. My TE450 is untuned and constantly reminds me of why I tuned the 610 suspension. The best part is I did it early so I do not end up saying "I should have done it long ago" :-). The 5 gallon IMS tank is low cost and keeps the weight down low and gets you 200 miles easy. Like a KLR supertanker, someone has to refuel all the KTMs out there. I often think about the 17.5K miles on mine and wonder when and if I will ever find another 2007 with 2K miles as a replacement. I am tempted to get one and store it for the day I eventually retire my current one.
I'm thinking of revalving my susp also and go to softer springs. My biggest concerns are the cam chain. With 17.5K miles have you already changed yours? With how many miles, if so?
Luckily here in Brazil we can found a lot of 610s from 2007 to 2009 with less then 3k miles, so I'll have an option to replace mine when needed.
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