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Gidday you blokes, thanks for the input. Much appreciated.

Disston, the trouble I'm having is that the donor cover that has been machined for the job of shim measuring is not machined parallel.......but all hope is not lost there.

I took the shim plate drawing to a well set up machine shop and found my assumptions to be correct.....250-300 bucks.
But that was supplying perfectly parallel plate and done to the drawing. Get any quantity produced and the cost would plummet.

Grumpy, that's a mighty fine offer. Thank you. However my chances of getting to Melbourne in the coming weeks are basically nil.
And the only way to possess and maintain quality tools is........don't lend them.

Mark, great thread! I read through from post 38 and found plenty of good info. Regarding the measuring bridge, I'll be pushing it uphill to get it made for a reasonable price too.

At this stage, my thoughts are that I have a donor cover. It does perfectly locate the bearings, which greatly reduces the likelihood of obtaining an incorrect measurement through shaft misalignment.
I think that if the shafts are perfectly aligned, I only need one measurement from one point of the cover at each hole.
I can take the cover to the machine shop mentioned earlier and get them to give an exact measurement at 'one point'
at each bearing hole, and go from there.

The depth of the bearing pockets on my tranny cover (the cover that will go back on the tranny) individually measure within 1 thou, so that part of the math is easy.

Thanks again chaps for the assistance.
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