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Originally Posted by WOTDesigns View Post
vwboomer, That is a common question. Honestly it was one of the main reasons I made a instructional video. Posted below... literally uploaded a few minutes ago.

Reality is that you should ALWAYS decelerate before braking. Not doing so will wind you up on your head, since pushing the rear and stopping the front creates a decrease in traction. BUT in reality it comes down to your grip on the throttle. I 2-finger brake and throttle so I don't notice at all. I recommend just chopping throttle as you are rescuing for the brake. Its a natural reaction, but the brain over thinks it. Just like normal you should always decelerate prior to braking.

Watched the video. My question was more so related to emergency braking - like a deer or supermodel running out in front of the bike. It's natural to roll off when going for the brake and counting on the spring to return the throttle to zero, hopefully it's as intuitive to roll the palm across at the same time as grabbing the lever.
I'll definitely order one. Turrible shame riding season is limited at this point

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