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Originally Posted by Hayate View Post
Not get defensive, or add to making this a "how to ride" thread, but just to say the back brake does have plenty of stopping force for general "safe" stop light riding. I'm pretty sure it's been trained into me that the front brake being used anything more than gingerly is my lady friend pillion indication that it's an emergency situation. Maybe she's used to being on the back of bikes that don't dive like a submarine being spotted when the front brakes are laid on moderately? Anyway, I'm halfway through my first set of front pads while going through 4 sets of rear and more than having burned up the spec .5mm of rear rotor I guess I'm trying to justify that braking style.

Anyway, back to my question, 1 1/2 pads go through the spec of the rotor, really? And what's "blowing a puck"? Is that where the piston would push all the way out of the caliper?
Learning to ride off-road I use more back brake than some folks - I think on my bike I'll end up replacing the rear about twice as often as the front (I have the F650GS-twin, so only one front caliper).

I agree the submarine aspect of the F650GS is disconcerting and would be worse with passenger!
(I've never ridden an F800GS so can say there)

Although some folks don't think so highly of them, I installed the Ricor Intiminators
and they fixed the U-boat issue I think it was a great modification for the price (if you buy: wait for a sale).

Yes, blowing a puck would be having a caliper piston leave the bore in the caliper far enough to get cocked and create a huge issue.
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