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Sorry for the delay in updates. It's been a hectic past couple of weeks for me. This last weekend, I spent down in lovely Texas. We did some filming for my brothers company Kettle Cycles. They manufacture carbon fiber MTB Brake rotors. I've gotten to help their process a bit, and have been super stoked on their progress they have made on everything. Their hard work is showing, especially with a successful Kickstarter Campaign to help raise some funds.

Rotor Picture:

Check out some of the stuff we filmed. MTB Riding is awesome cross-training. It also helped mooching a friends bike which probably has wheels on it that cost more than my YZ250F

Kettle Cycles SiCCC Rotor - RPR from Kettle Cycles on Vimeo.

Quick pic my brother snapped of me on the pump track where we were riding:

On top of working on that, we also went to watch F1 at the Circuit of The Americas. Awesome. I'd seen MotoGP, but this is on a whole other level. The braking speed, the acceleration. Just impressive to see & experience.

Great pic my brother took from F1 as well:

But, getting back to my racing, racing is essentially done for the season. Now it's just a matter of riding throughout the winter & enjoying myself. I've decided to (unless weather is exceptionally great) take off the entire month of December. My body needs a break, as does the bike, which could handle some winter lovin'. The weekend of the 10th, I spent at the motocross track again. I focused on corner speed, pushing myself faster in some jumps, and began toying with scrubbing speed off of jumps. It's a big works in process for sure, but it'll come to me. I feel the weekend riding the MTB has helped me with understanding bike movement in the air. Kinda funny that I feel totally comfortable on a bicycle pushing the back end out perpendicular to the front wheel, but hop on a dirtbike and it's a whole other ball game. I'll toy with it more for sure. I'll upload some video from that day. I just haven't gotten there yet due to enjoying Texas & it's lovely BBQ .

After December, I intend on going to the (somewhat) local indoor MX track every other week to keep my riding up a bit. I'd ridden there before, but I want to use it as a riding improvement tool this year. Build up some stamina & do some longer riding stints there. On top of that, I plan to really build up my exercising. My brothers looking at picking up a rowing machine, so since he lives close I'll probably be over at his house more frequently .

Results wise from this past year, the showing is only so-so. I was only able to get in 3 enduros (1 of which was a DNF), 5 harescrambles (1 of which was different district), and apparently my riding in the UP doesn't count towards racing points. Overall, here is what the points are looking like:

AMA D17 HS - Open B: 22nd Overall. 4 races out of 18 (2 DNF's)

FVOR HS Series Open B: 5th\25 Overall - 4 Races out of 8 (2 DNF's)

AMA D17 Enduro - Open B: 18\20 Overall - 3 Races out of 10 (1 DNF)

Overall I'm quite pleased with my results. I feel that had I stuck with 1 series & done all the events, I'd safely be in the top 3 overall. I gotta face reality now & know that making it to all these events that are 6+ hours away, just aren't as feasible. I'm very happy with my personal progress I've made this year as well too. I've gotten quite a bit faster, more consistent, and more comfortable in manipulating the bike. I'm looking forward to next years racing, and will see what I end up deciding to do about race series. I'd like to stick to 1 and go for an overall, but that's some serious dedication & I really like spending time in the UP with friends camping & riding, so I'll feel it out.

I'll leave you for now with 1 last video of me riding the upper track @ Byron. I wanted to get some filming of my buddy gapping one of the doubles there. That Honda CRF250X is a good bike.


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