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Originally Posted by rideoregon View Post
The OEM rear rotor is $271.99 plus $1.59 ea. for the one time use bolts. Galfer sells a rotor for the F8, part # DF763W, MSRP-- $139.00. Much more like it! I'll be ordering the Galfer rotor from the local Cycle Gear along with a set of Galfer pads.
It isn't uncommon that performance aftermarket cost less than OEM, no matter what type of vehicle. Wise choice looking into that. No garantee it will last longer than OEM, but it may have more stopping power. Someone mentioned the green Galfer pads, and that may be a way top extend the life of the rotor.

I've never actually seen a puck come out of the caliper, but I've seen them become shifty when extended too far. That leads to dragging brakes, because the puck won't retract all the way once damaged. (Subaru) Thin rotors don't dissapate heat as well either, which leads to warped rotors. It's all a vicious circle...

That reminds old XL has about 1.5mm of pad left, I better change them.
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