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LC8 valve adjust frequency & how much change?

Sorry if this is a repeat. I couldn't find any threads on this topic with the search tool.

I am looking for a nice low mileage, one owner, 990 Adventure. I've studied the Halls of Wisdom and there really don't seem to be any lemon years and no issues that are too difficult to overcome, please correct me if I am mistaken.

As a buyer once I get past the cosemetics I want to quiz the owner on how the bike was maintained. I looked in the owner's manual and it appears the valve clearance ck is due every ~10k miles. My question to you 'already owners' is what was you finding in the first few valve checks? Did the valve clearances need adjustment at 10k? at 20k? If so about how much?

After regular oil/filter changes I consider valve clearance to be next most important service requirement for long engine life. Other things like brakes, wheel bearings, etc I can visually check. Any other item a potential buyer should add to 'must know' information?

I particularly like to hear for 950/990 owner's who have 50k miles or more. Beyond normal wear and tear, what has worn out or become an issue? I am aware of the water pump shaft wear issue.

Thanks in advance for your input
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