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Hey Gman...I'm no expert, but I'll chime in to give you a bump.

If the leak is where the transmission and the engine meet, then it's coming from one of the two.

I'm gonna make an unscientific assumption that it's not coming from the engine side.

If you're sure it's Trans Fluid, then there aren't many places for leaks on the front side of the the transmission housing.

It could be coming from a crack in the casting, or a loose bolt, but most likely this is the culprit:

Most of the leaks I have read about occur at the Input Shaft Seal. I'm not an expert on these trannys, but there's no vent on the front housing to cause the leak.

An engine-side leak could be coming from the seam of the case halves, but I don't see many opportunities for hidden leaks.

Hopefully, I'm wrong.
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