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Ok first post in here, and yes i tried to search but my patiance of looking thru multiple pages is not there.

So i went to an LED headlight, and i get the max and battery symbol both flashing on dash, i guess the lite does not draw enough. Anything to worry about? can something be added inline to help ?


Oh and by the way an 07 TE i bought about 7 months ago, love it.

I have looked into this and as a result I have 2 good VRs here. Both behave the same. I believe they can not (internally) shut off low enough to keep the voltage down. Inside the VR are essentially switches that chop the voltage at high speed resulting in an average voltage filtered by the battery. There is a minimum on duration that limits how fast they can switch. I went to a 35W HID and had to put 10W load back on to keep the voltage in check. I did that with dual filament front turn signals. 8W on each side always on. Varied tolerances can result in some VRs doing better than others. Also FI bikes are slightly different then carb'd power consumption wise. Carb'd takes less power. I also noted that peak voltage is around 2200 RPM. So idle is worse than running down the road.

I also believe that the TE610 speedos are not tolerant of that high voltage (not enough margin designed in) and that high voltage is behind most TE610 stock speedo failures. There are no physically broken parts inside, the failures are internal component failure and in particular the CPU or circuit inputs to the CPU as far as I can tell after inspection and observation (resets tend to work every once in a while for some time at least).
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