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Originally Posted by Rick West View Post

I tried the 800GS but spent thousands of dollars trying to fix the suspension and wheels for it to become as good in the dirt as my 990 is stock. With the suspension fixed and both bikes parked side by side in the garage, I always rode the 990 anyways.

Sold the GS to a buddy of mine who really wanted the big KTM but found the power intimidating in the dirt. The GS's lack of power compared to the KTM makes it much easier for him to ride.

Thankfully you didn't buy a 800GS and have to spend all that money on suspension up-grades just to end up with a much slower 990.
Rick - you forgot to add on the bottom . The bottom line is that there's no good or bad bike - Whichever bike is good for YOU is the best bike. Just the way the 800 is better for your buddy. Enjoy and ride safe!
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