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Originally Posted by mootsuno View Post
Scotts will get you to east side of Cow and on to the main fire road. (Mendo Lake Road)
That's probably ok to do without knobbies. Sometimes early in the year the dust
turns to cake frosting mud after the rain.
However, I was up there two weeks ago and it was like a supermoto track.
As for trail 17, the section that runs between trail 15 and trail 24 is fine on a
big bike. Right now though I wouldn't do it without knobbies, too slippery.
And don't do the section of trail 17 between trail 24 and Mendo Lake Road
on a 1200 unless your a real good rider and want to trash your bike.
For big bikes trail 13, 15, and 20 work pretty well and are fun. Without knobbies
or at least aggressive DS tires wait until those trails dry out a little.
Hope that helps.
Hey, thanks. I ride OK but I donít want to trash my bike
I've got to be cool
Take a long long ride on my motor bike
Untill I'm ready
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