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Originally Posted by DSTEVENS View Post
Well not yet, I told my salesman I was moving and could not(tired of waiting) wait any longer. after I have called them myself for the last 3 months, I have realized they are kind of like the IRS, every time you talk to someone different and never get the same answer twice. Yesterday I talked to the salesman and second in command and got 2 different answers on where my bike was/is. The owners of dealership were going to be told about my predicament and the fact that I no longer wanted the bike, and I would get a call back regarding my deposit. Guess what? no call.
So, I am not gonna beg for it as I did choose to do business and make my deposit with them, but let me tell you, they are NOT someone you would want buy from. D.
See now this is something "I" would think BMW North America should be informed on. But that is just me.

Each dealership is an extension of that company, and I would hope / expect BMW to keep tabs on how the 'public front' is handled. Whether it is a maintenance / warranty issue or sales issue - it has a direct imprint on the 'facebook' value of BMW.

I firmly believe that each dealership should be able to run their own company - but - I also believe that each dealership should have standards to run a reputable shop or showroom. If they don't then it's kind of like pissing on their 'fatherland' boots - after awhile those boots are going to stink and the chastising should begin. Hopefully sooner than later.

The fact that this scenario sounds like it is repeatable... should be validation enough.

I think that if enough people report bad and 'repeatable' issues with the dealerships the better off all of us would be.
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