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Originally Posted by Brokein2 View Post
I have seen this guy duct tape the sole on his boots and ride for 5 days like that....and now I know why my truck wheels were out of balance on the way home from Spodefest.

I am just using spoke weights at this point.

Happy Holidays Jeff...
Not me with the duct taped boots, but I think I know who you are referring to. You have quite the memory.

Spoke weights.... Hmmmm..... I think I could easily make a form to build those. Conical.... Drill & counterbore a hole down the middle. Slit with a hacksaw. Winter is here & idle hands need projects.

It's getting harder to find lead weights for environmental reasons. The least expensive material I could find new was the biggest fishing weights. It won't be long before those are also outlawed.d
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