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Originally Posted by Zombie_Stomp View Post
P.S. look at my sig line. I can recover your seat or make a new one if you send me the old one by mail. Foam looks like it could use a new layer on top at least.

thank you! I will consider that - have a few things on Craigslist to repopulate the $$ in the wallet! I also want to clean the paint off the tank (how?) and that side cover. The headlight cover and the left cover came out very clean using WD-40, but the other two items are a different kind of paint. A few more things like that and the bike will look pretty good.

as far as engine whine goes, it caught me by surprise. I don't remember that on my DR350 at all... But yeah, sounds like they are sort of prone to that... I almost think mine has the split gear in it? But I don't remember... It did have the extra wide timing chain tho.

So, away we go to Thanksgiving! Tomorrow will be eating Turkey dinner and will certainly be thanking God for all of our blessings (the least of them being a running XR600, LOL).
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