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Originally Posted by Hotmamaandme View Post
Gents who are in the know on this issue or otherwise just have insite. Ive got 3,600 original miles on my DR 350 it runs great. I have been thinking about making sure its ready for a multi day long trip such as BAJA. I know there is a circlip on the front sprocket that needs watching so it dosnt pop off. The other issue ive noticed is this clutch thrust washer / clutch drag issue. I havent noticed any clutch issues while riding mine. What should i be looking for and what king of miladge is this thrust washer become an issue? Should i just do the clutch mod before a 5 day ride down in BAJA? What about a spare CDI? Havent read much about a CDI failure issue on the DR but Ill ask. I have a big tank and LED head light valves checked and oil changed. Spare clutch and throttle cables all set. Thanks in advance
I know I'm a little late on this one, but I though I'd add my two cents anyway. There are two common issues that can cut a trip short on this bike:

First is the circlip issue that has already been discussed.

Second is the shift drum bolt.

I've owned two DRs and this bolt was so loose it was ready to pop out on both bikes. A friend of mine lost the bolt entirely and couldn't shift gears. Jesse prefers to remove the bolt and tap out the hole for a bigger one, but I've been able to secure it successfully with Locktite red.

The clutch drag issue can be very annoying , but it's not something that will end a trip. This issue is caused by wear on the clutch collar and washers. Your bike might have this kind of wear but not experience clutch drag because the clutch nut has never been re-torqued.

So here's the catch: in order to Locktite the shift drum bolt you have to remove the clutch which will then have to be re-torqued and may cause the clutch drag issue to start on your bike.
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