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Hey guys, I haven't logged on here in years since I sold my KLR 650. I've been looking at dual sport bikes for a couple months. I thought I wanted a Kawasaki KLX 250 with the 17" wheels with the on-off road tires on it. Saw one on ebay and it looked cool. Then I ran across the Honda . I've had a few different bikes in the last 10 years, always seem to buy what my friends were riding. Older guys, cruisers, younger guys, rockets, but all my early years ( 6-18 yrs) I rode a SL-175 then a MR 250 Honda. Went with my dad when I turned 16 to buy a 1980 Honda XL250, but he would not let me buy it. Now I'm 48 and I can buy it if I want. So, I went to my local Honda dealer and the owner used to work for me when he was a kid. Anyway, he had 1 left out of 4 he ordered. i asked why he orderd so few and he said the dealers were afraid the bikes would be a flop, boy was he wrong. He said dealers are calling from all over the east coast offering him $500 over his cost to let them have it. I didn't ask how long it takes to get more or if he had more on the way. I really just stopped to look at one in person and as it turned out, the owner wants some work done at his house and early next year we are going to trade a bike for particle payment against my labor.He says Honda offers him an end of year deal where he gets credit against Hondas like a bonus. He said he will get me a bike as part of his bonus, maybe even a white one. But I like the red a lot. I hope you guys keep working on your bikes making them better so when I get mine all the bugs will be worked out.
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