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Originally Posted by HapHazard View Post
1500 watt electric is about 5000 btu. The pictured heater is probably 50000 - 75000 btu. The difference is huge.

There are vented propane furnaces/heaters but I don't know of any that are portable (it is a good idea, though).

I have a Kerosun vented kerosene heater, but I don't run it much - the floor stays so cold it somehow doesn't seem worth it. I use the Halogen worklights for light and heat - right on the hands, where it counts (or stay inside near the woodstove).
Not sure if this is a good idea, bu it is propane an really puts out the heat!

This propane-fueled, 41,000 BTU heater produces radiant heat with a 15-feet range for up to 12 hours on a single tank. It features a stainless steel construction that holds up to any weather conditions, a convenient wheeled base, a safety tilt cut-off switch for safety and an easy push-button Piezo-electric starter with thermostat.
$129 at Home Depot.

The instructions say "outdoor use only", but I suspect that is lawyerese!

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