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We made an absolute speed run across A-Cross Rd. I spent the last 10 miles looking at a flashing low-fuel light. The extra gallon on the rack would just get me back over 4-Peaks and might let the bike sputter to a gas station. Slowred hadn't hit reserve yet on the Honda, but just to avoid any unpleasant walks in the dark we both topped off on the east side of 4-Peaks.

We fought the setting sun and dust up and over 4-Peaks. That is one slow ride when you're blind and riding by braille. As the sun dropped, our speed picked up.

Not bad for one handed riding on a bumpy road.

Looking back at 4-Peaks with the red hue of the setting sun.

A few clouds moved in to make for a more spectacular sunset.

More sunset color.

One more shot of 4-Peaks.

We're really going to have to find a ride to a remote location with a restaurant that is open during the week!
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