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Then I remembered that I had forgotten to install a gift from a friend.

Which might be the source of this problem; an electrical gremlin.

What to do about the frozen GPS? I purchased it at a nearby Best Buy so, in hopes of meeting with a merciful customer service rep, I sped over there in my Jeep. During the drive, I mentally prepared arguments in support of my request for an exchange and got ready to make my case.
The rep said "No problem", and handed me a replacement unit.

When I planned this trip I promised myself:
1. No big cities, if at all possible and,
2. No freeways, if at all possible.

From my neighborhood I quickly find myself on county roads that seem to be headed in the right direction. I'm easing from the get-ready-for-a-trip mania to the fact that I'm on the road with no schedule or specific direction.

As you can see, the fall colors are stunning against this dramatic background. I see no traffic and I'm idling along at about 45 mph.

Isn't this what it's about? Now I'm traveling north on the County Rd #27 in Larimer County, which I highly recommend. The road seems made for motorcycles and it can be ridden fast or slowly.

I began my trip in mid-October and during the early part of the summer, there was considerable drama in this area due to the High Park Fire. It was an enormous forest fire. We choked on its smoke for weeks but that was little inconvenience compared to the many residents who lost everything. Over 250 homes were burned.

Ultimately, the fire burned over 87,250 acres and took the life of a 62 year old woman. In this photo you can see how close the fire came to some of the homesteads.

In late afternoon I reach the Poudre Canyon Hwy, #14, and turn left - to the West.

"When I was younger I was afraid I'd die riding now that I'm old and falling apart, I'm afraid I won't."
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