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Originally Posted by 10/10ths View Post
.....The deletion of ABS is unforgivable. I, too, get the cruise and center stand delete, but ABS is absolutely necessary these days. i WILL NOT drop $20,000 on a BRAND NEW, MODERN motorcycle that does not have ABS.

If it had ABS, the F6B would be on my list. Without ABS, I won't even look at one.

I get it is expensive. I understand price targets, but if I'm already dropping $20,000, what's another $1,000 for ABS? Another grand is not a deal killer. NOT having ABS is a deal killer for me.

Great looking machine, though.
Feel the same way and why I would look at a used Wing, do a Traxxion suspension upgrade along with MBL Sport kit. I'll have F6B but the way I want it and probably stay under 20K.

BTW zackybilly , a feature on your garage/shop would be a great addition to "Lets see your Man Castle" Thread
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