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I just bought a 950 Adv, and shes running pretty sweet! I put a new air filter on and a uni pre-filter on and took her for a spin. I live at about 5000ft, and ride only up. At about 8500ft, and when hitting the throttle at about 4k it falls on its face. I have always had some light popping on deceleration. My friend says it smells a lot like gas while riding behind me, which confirms my suspicion of it running a bit rich.

The bike came from somewhere's in AK so who knows what its jetted for. The previous owner has done tons to the bike so I'm sure that its not stock jetting. It currently has a hard time starting in the garage at anything below 50degrees outside temp, and I try and ride year round.

This is what I'm dealing with:

uni pre-filter
Dual FMF cans with spark arrestors
5000ft and almost always ride higher
Premium only

That being said what would people suggest for jetting? I'm planning on getting a Factory Pro kit unless there is something better out there?
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