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Originally Posted by CRASHDADDY View Post
These Forma Terrains look nice for ds use. My question is how "tall" or thick the toe area is; am i going to need a different shift lever? My current mx boots take up a lot of room between the footpeg and shifter; need somthing thinner, similar to a road boot
It is hard to answer this in a quantitative way. Additionally, the slimmer the toebox...and this is very important....the more it has the effect of being narrow.

That said, I could compare the three of these, take some pics and post them up. Also, what boots do you have now? Can you please take some measurements and post some pics?

FWIW, all three are fairly slim, and most of the time people adapt. I know it gets a lot of emphasis, and up to a point it should. But unless is is egregious (like a Tech 3) I would not put this factor near the top of the list when choosing a boot.


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