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Not out of the woods yet...

.. Thanks for those photos Aaron ! Will use them in our next blog.

After leaving Nicaragua using Aarons excellent map, we crossed into Costa Rica no problems.

The next day, we set off for what was meant to be an easy day and then about 15 miles from our intended destination of Punteranes we got a puncture on the rear wheel.

No major problem in itself. Using the luggage straps, we lifted up the rear end of the bike and tied it to the roof of a nearby bus shelter so we could get the back wheel off easier..

This (getting the back wheel off) is always a pain for us as we never have quite enough ground clearance.. normally I just use the centre stand and get Isabel to sit on the front mudguard and tip the balance forward but still it is not that easy to manouvre the wheel out... does anyone know a better way?

Chris... can you guess what my new favourite T-shirt is?

After getting the wheel off, we improvised and made use of a stream to locate the puncture:

All was going so well, we were about to put the innertube back on when upon inspecting the rim I noticed a hairline fracture running for about 5 inches from the middle of the wheel to the outside edge of the rim . This obviously must have happened at the same time we did in the front wheel in Honduras but when I inspected the bike after that "miss-hap" I obviously didnt see it:

That isnt the clearest picture, but you can probably still see what I am talking about. When I looked closer at the outside I could now see it has cracked right the way through .

We put a couple of bits of gaffer tape over the crack to stop it pinching the inner tube and just put it all back together. It rides absolutely fine and if I hadnt had that puncture I probably wouldnt have found out about it until next time we changed tyres.... some things happen for a reason I guess.

The current plan is to get to Columbia (we have committed to meeting friends there next week) and find someone who can weld it.

My questions are:

1. Does anyone have any experience of welding these rims that they can advise me on?

2. Can anyone recommend a decent welder in Columbia?!

Thanks so much for all your help and encouragement. Knowing you guys are there to share the problems with makes it so much less stressful..

Whenever it is we get home I am going to rebuild and restore this bike to its former glory and then mount it on a plinth in our house (when we finally get one).. this bike is like a child to me now,despite being older than I am! It is never going to be sold.
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