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I recently bought a KTM 200 exc for a lightweight trail bike. It is excellent at that and I love riding it on singletrack alot more than my WR250R.

The thing that bothers me is the pollution these bikes create. I realized they smoke a little before I bought it but I didn't know that 1/4 to 1/3 of the gas goes straight out the exhaust. A government study I saw said that one hour of operation is equivalent to driving a modern car 9,000 miles as far as hydrocarbon emissions go. Some of those emissions are known carcinogens.

This can't be good for riders, other trail users or the environment. I really like the bike and honestly can't imagine riding a 4 stroke on singletrack anymore. Anyone else struggle with this or am I thinking too much?
You're thinking way too much and in the wrong direction... regardless of what's coming out the pipe's outlet now, the bike is legal for its' intended purpose at the time it was made. "Struggling" with this realization has two possible outcomes: either ignore it, and keep riding, or destroy/recycle all vehicles every time the emission bar is raised.
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